Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Movie Review: Chef

Chef Movie Poster

As a food and movies blogger, how can I not catch a movie about food right?  Also, according to Golden Village, this movie was so good that they brought it back to screen again. With reviews like "food porn at its best", how can I not watch this (food)porn that has Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr?! *_* 

Movie Title - Chef

+Comedy (I get to use food icons whoohoo! Yes, this movie is a Food + Comedy)

Ingredients: This movie has a ridiculously simple plot. A chef stands up for what he believes in and gets fired from the restaurant. The food truck idea that was buried deep inside his heart suddenly becomes a viable thing when he is at his lowest point.

Review: There are no plot twists, no betrayals, no accidents, no deaths in this movie. This is a feel-good movie where you can expect a safe, bump-less ride, just like the roller-coasters in Disneyland. Although this is a safe ride, "Chef" is akin to sitting in a Ferris wheel or a cable car, while you revel in the beautiful sights and sounds from this film. The rich, sizzling colours of the food being prepared will send your stomach into rumbling mode. 

Toss in some father-son bonding moments and some lessons about pursuing your passion, and you get a wonderful movie that is sure to make you laugh and tug at your heart strings. The ever-so-charming-Ironman steals the scene as everyone squirms in delight at his appearance. The Evilbean wonders how Robert Downey Jr always manages to be so egoistic on film and many would still gush for him.

Robert Downey Jr in Chef

The little kid that plays Chef Casper's son was also delightful. And Casper's Ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) is just so smoking hot you would want to grill your chicken on her body. A really refreshing change from intense plots and heavy CGI which all of us have gotten used to. 

Stay back for: You would be super hungry after watching this movie. Even if there is an after-credits scene, I bet you would be rushing off to grab some FOOOD right?

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


In any case, I am super excited for this film that is going to come out SOON:


Are you ready for a little scary child hiding in your blankets, and a long hair woman making weird strange noises when she crawls? I AM. Yes, it's Ju-On 3.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Food Review + Blogger Event: Domino's Pizza

I fell in love with their pizza dough the moment I first laid my lips on Domino's Pizza. Their pizzas have that wonderful chewy texture which other pizza chains do not have. And, if you are like the Evilbean, who always orders food because his legs are not meant for walking (I wish someone will just carry me around so I don't have to ever walk), you will understand the frustrations when you are SUPER HUNGRY and the food you ordered takes forever to come. 

But if you order Domino's Pizza, there is a guarantee that your order will arrive within 30 minutes! If they fail to do that, you will get a FREE Regular pizza voucher on your next order! There are times where I am not in a hurry for my food to come, so I will wish that they arrive late so that I can get a free pizza LOL. #auntiebean

If you have ordered online or through its iPhone app, you would have seen its famous pizza tracker known as the.. erm.. Great Pizza Service Tracker. (QUITE A CUTE NAME AR DOMINO'S!) You can actually see the status of your orders, from the stage of making your pizza to when your order has left the store for delivery! Super neat!

Therefore, I was super excited when I saw the event invite: FREE PIZZAS? *_* 

Domino’s Behind the Scene Blogger Meet

Do you know that Domino's Pizza actually have a restaurant outlet for you to dine in? In fact, there are 15 Domino's Pizza stores in Singapore! I guess nowadays, most of us just go online and order our food because we are just SO BUSY (or getting lazier). The event was held at their Kovan's outlet, which is beside Lola's Cafe if you have been there. We had an individual photoshoot when we entered so I tried my best to act like a model.

Evilbean posing fail

Okay. Fail. I know. I need to sign up for some modelling classes to know how to pose and smile properly. 

Anyways, this was the first time I stepped into a Domino's Pizza restaurant so I felt really suaku when I saw the interior. 

Interior of the Restaurant

We were seated at a long table specially arranged for us. 

My stomach grumbled while we waited.

And then they said the event is starting.

I smiled.


Evilbean's stomach smiled as well. I could hear it chanting: "Pizzas! Pizzas! Pizzas!"

We were given a brief of what Domino's Pizza is and the career opportunities that are actually available right now. They are offering positions for 'Delivery Experts', 'Pizza Chefs' and Management. I can tell you that being a Pizza Chef is SUPER cool and fun. We were given a tour in the kitchen where we got our hands on making our very own pizza! It was an eye-opener for me to see the whole process of how the pizza is made. 

And this is me with my very own first pizza that I made myself:

Evilbean's Pizza made with Love

And a close-up of my pizza:

Evilbean's Pizza

What is the main ingredient for my pizza? Love. The main ingredient for my pizza is Love. As long as you make your food with Love, it will taste awesome. *winks. So, together with the McCafe Event 2 months back, the Evilbean's resume now looks like this:

Evilbean's Resume

Now get ready for a barrage of pizza photos, because HERE COMES THE FOOODDDDD!

Rows of Pizza

Just look at the rows of pizza the Domino's served us! We had so many that I forgot which is which. They literally gorged us with food, I almost felt that I was in a horror movie where they stuff us up so that they can....................

Besides pizza, they also served us their sides, and in particular, a new side dish that I am gonna rave about.

BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings

Crazy Chicken Crunchies 

Crazy Chicken Crunchies

Crazy Chicken Crunchies with Onion Rings

Crazy Chicken Crunchies with Onion Rings

Part 1 of Dominos Food

For a pizza franchise specialising in pizzas, their sides are pretty good. Of course, the onion rings or the chicken wings will not be the best that you have eaten but the standard is there. However, this new side from them might make it into the list of best meatballs you have ever eaten.

Napolitana Baked Meatballs

Napolitana Baked Meatballs

YES. This is their Napolitana Baked Meatballs that is soaked in cheese and Napolitana sauce. I like my balls juicy and firm (AHEMs) and THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THEY DID IT. The ball is so beefed up that when you chew, you can feel the bounciness of this meatball - every single bite into the ball is pure meat and there is no sense of 'airiness' or emptiness in the ball. You know how sometimes you eat other kinds of meatball and when you chew on it, it feels empty and loose. This one is super shiok because it is firmly balled up. Evilbean had at least 5 of these firm, cheesy meatballs. 

Meatball Taste Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


After gorging ourselves with the food, we were then served with their piping hot lava cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake 2Chocolate Lava Cake

This is very 'gelat' if you eat this alone because they literally drowned their cake in lava. I could only eat for about 3 mouthful and the overwhelming sweetness of the chocolate got to me. Therefore, this lava cake is definitely meant for sharing. 

The last event for the day was the tour in the kitchen that I talked about earlier. Like I said, being a pizza chef for Domino's is super cool because not only do you get to learn how to make pizza, you will also be sent overseas for pizza-making competition! When I was in the kitchen, I was also really amazed by the lively atmosphere in the kitchen. The staff were having so much fun making the pizzas, it was almost as if that they were being paid for playing play-doh! 

Besides, Domino's Pizza offers many benefits for their employees, which include:

- 13th month salary with performance bonuses
- Medical benefits 
- Employee insurance
- Flexible working hours
- Attendance and punctuality incentives
- Career advancements
- Referral incentives

and here comes the awesome part: a specially customised stainless steel Rolex watch for store managers who perform above targets and achieving outstanding performance through evaluation reports! WOW! ROLEX LEH. 

Not only that, they have various company events like chalets and bowling sessions for you to bond with each other if you work in Domino's so this is a really great company to work in. You can be sure of that because they received the 'HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2013'. If you are looking for a non-boring job, you can be sure that Domino's will be one of your top choices to work for. For more details, scan the QR code below or call 9424 3003 for more details!

Career Opportunities at Dominos Pizza

I thoroughly enjoyed this event making new friends and making pizzas. Thank you once again @TheInfluencerNetwork and @Dominossg for the invite and the awesome food! 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Food Review - On The Table

On The Table Cafe Exterior

Awhile back, I had one of my BEST food orgasm at Lola's cafe, in which in my opinion, serves one of the best poached eggs. When I heard that the couple owners opened another outlet in Pasir Panjang, the Evilbean decided to pop by and wondered if he is gonna get his orgasm again. 

Given the name of their first cafe, all of us might expect them to name their second cafe something similar. If you do not know, Lola (according to urban dictionary), is a girl that fascinates guys with her stunning looks and great personality. So, a name like Aphrodite or Athena's Cafe might be what we are expecting. 

But nope. 

Their second cafe name is called "On The Table".... :

"Hey honey, I am going to register our new cafe's name. Have you thought of what to call it already?"

"Oh, the name is on the table!"

"Ermmm 'on the table'??"

"Yes, on the table!"
"Okayyyy....got it. See ya Honey!"

I strongly suspect this is the case because if you look at the name of the receipt, the printed name is NOT on the table. Yes, do check out your receipt when you dine in On The Table and see what is the actual name that is printed.

SO, Lola's Cafe owners, if you are reading this, TELL ME WAI? What happened to the name?!

Interior of the cafe

On The Table Interior


On The Table Interior (Rainbow Cushions)

Iced Latte ($5.50)

Iced Latte

I liked the way they served it to us, makes for a very nice instagram-worthy photo with the black and white combination. Probably a little too much milk, which diluted the taste of the coffee. However, it came in a very big cup, which #auntiebean loves. Despite it being diluted, it still taste better than Starbucks' so this is still worth to order.

Salmon and Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine ($16)

Salmon and Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine

This truffled infused cream linguine is served with smoked salmon, swiss mushroom and parmesan cheese. The truffle cream paired really well with the linguine. The smell of truffle and the creamy texture makes the otherwise bland linguine taste delicious! There are not many cafes that serves truffle linguine so it is pretty cool that On The Table's menu serves this. However, the linguine was not done al-dente as they were pretty soft. I prefer my pastas to be firm. Also, the smoked salmon was cooked so it became a little dry to eat. It would have been better if the salmon was served raw so that it retains its melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Ultimate Croissant ($13)

Ultimate Croissant

Ultimate Crossaint Close-up

OKAY, I HAD MY ORGASMS AGAIN WITH THIS ULTIMATE CROISSANT. This #5evilbeans orgasm-inducing buttered croissant is served with honey glazed bacon, ham, mayo, honey, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and salad on the side. Why does this deserve #5evilbeans?

Firstly, the croissant is done PERFECTLY. The buttered insides are wonderfully soft and fluffy, while the outside is toasted to perfect crispness. 

The scrambled eggs are just eggs produced in heaven. They are SOOO SOFT AND RUNNY and flavourfully dusted with chilli powder. I can totally eat this scrambled eggs for breakfast everyday and not get sick of it. And then the honey glazed bacon is simply sex. 

If you manage to eat them all at once, you get a wonderful chorus of the crisp, toasted croissant, melting together with the smooth, runny scrambled eggs, with backup dancers honey glazed bacon and ham spreading their sweet honey at the tip of your tongue. YOU GOTTA TRY THIS HEAVEN-FOOD.

Raspberry Lemon Curd ($5)

Raspberry Lemon Curd

This caught my eye when I was ordering at the counter. The cake was moist and the lemon was really sour, but it isn't something that you will gobble up within 5 minutes. However, if you have a cup of coffee and are intending to stay for at least 2-3 hours, this raspberry lemon curd will keep you company bite by bite.

Waffle with Baileys and Brownie Ice-Cream ($8)

Waffle with Baileys and Brownie Ice-Cream

Very pretty plating for the waffles I must say! The waffles was quite disappointing though. The batter that was used for the waffle was not fragrant enough, and it was not baked in the waffle-maker long enough to have the crispy edges which I love. So if you pair it with the ice-cream and the sauces, there is no texture because the waffle is too soft, which makes you feel like you are sending a spoonful of liquid into your mouth.

The ice-cream is good though! It doesn't melt too fast and it is not too sweet. From the instagram hashtags, the earl grey and salted caramel ice-cream seem to be quite popular. The Evilbean will definitely be back for more of their food (there is duck confit!!) and their specialty coffee and ice-creams. 


Cafe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- Friendly service, dazzling lightbulbs and awesome mains with no GST and Service Charge #auntiebean. Totally a perfect place to laze your afternoons away. The ice-creams are good, but skip the other desserts for now.
- MUST-ORDER: Ultimate Croissant

Desserts at On The Table

On The Table

118 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118541
Opening Hours:

Tues - Fri: 8am - 10pm (Last order for food at 9pm) 
Weekends: 10am - 10pm (Last order for food at 9pm) 

Closed on Mondays

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